I host some free/libre open source services with the intention to provide privacy-respecting services for other people to use. If you have ideas for more services to host or some kind words, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you'd like to support me, you can buy me a coffee or support me on Liberapay.

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Services hosted

Status monitoring

Status monitoring


A privacy-respecting YouTube frontend.


Metasearch engine aggregating results from other services.


A privacy-respecting Twitter frontend.


A privacy-respecting reddit frontend.


An open network for secure, decentralized communication.

Due to a huge influx of spam, registration uses a custom form. Please use the registration form to create a new account.


If you sign up to my Matrix server, keep the following rules in mind:


A federated microblogging instance.

This instance is very new so for now registrations require approval. I'll most likely change it to public later on.

Jitsi Meet

A free and open source video conferencing service.


The best platform to write and share markdown.

TOR Relay

Relay node for the TOR network.


A push notification server using simple HTTP requests.


A git hosting solution. This is currently not open for signups due to resource constraints. If you'd like to use this instance send me a message.


All services hosted by me keep as little data as possible. For futher questions, please contact me using E-Mail, Matrix or any other of the options listed here.

Most services are deployed and managed via nix. Additionally, the following Docker images are in use for certain services:

Searx, Nitter, Libreddit and TOR do not store any user-specific data. No access logs are kept for any of these services.

Invidious stores user data according to this privacy policy.

The Matrix homeserver stores user data including account name, display name, hashed passwords and messages. Access logs are kept temporarily which include account name, requested URL and user agent. For the purpose of federation, user data may be shared with other Matrix homeservers. Bridges may transmit message data to third party services where data may be outside of the user's control.

The Matrix webclient is pre-configured to use as homeserver and transfers user data to that homeserver. If a user decides to use a different homeserver, the webclient will communicate with that homeserver instead. 3rd party identity and integrations communicate with, and subdomains of both. Conference calls started from the webclient or any other Element client using this homeserver will use the above Jitsi instance at Access logs are kept temporarily which include requested URL, user agent and source IP address.

Jitsi keeps temporary access logs which include requested URL and user agent.

GitLab stores user data including account name, display name, hashed passwords, SSH or GPG keys and uploaded repositories. Access logs are kept temporarily which include requested URL, user agent and source IP address.

This website itself temporarily stores access logs containing requested URL, user agent and source IP address.